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Understanding Your Child’s Holiday Heart

Jodi talks with author Susan Tebos about insights learned from her research with young adult adoptees, and how Mom's can use this wisdom to prepare for the inevitable holiday drama!

I’ll admit it, I’m struggling

This time of year, my heart is usually singing with joy. Springtime is glorious where we live, and the Easter holiday always fills me with so much gladness. But this year, I’m struggling.

Start a Supper Club

On this journey, you need your people. Eight of us have been meeting once a month for more than five years, and it has meant everything! Watch our wacky and heartfelt explanation.

I Didn’t Know About the Suffering

All I ever wanted in life was to be a mother. I thought it would bring me a life full of sweetness. When I was told as young woman that I would never bear children, I had no idea that God had a plan to give them to me through marriage, infertility treatment, adoption, and foster care.

Trends in Foster Care Post-Pandemic

Jodi interviews a leading expert on Foster Care, Elizabeth Occipinti, founder of Miriam's Heart. Find out: How did the pandemic change the foster care system? What is the common sense gap in our laws? How is this impacting kids and families now.

Feeding Refugee Mothers

The leader of the Second Mother movement in Moldova is an extraordinary woman named Alina. She is the second mother of twenty-one teens, she also leads the largest coalition in Moldova that serves vulnerable children.

And then it hit me… Christmas is Stealing My Advent

This year, since our family was gathering for two December graduations, we had our Christmas celebrations early. All of the cooking and wrapping and games and gift-giving were over by mid-December. And the strangest thing came upon me one day...

What is Your Legacy this Thanksgiving?

My husband gave me an early Christmas present -- one of those digital frames that scrolls through my photos. As I watch the images silently rotate, they speak volumes. I see the story I’ve been telling. This story is full of travel and family gatherings and a lot of cooking!

Our Journey through Romania and Moldova was Amazing!

Second Mother gatherings were held across five cities in two nations and we are full of joy. God is doing amazing things in this community, and we share a common journey with so many women the world over. Through your generosity, each woman received a Purple Scarf to symbolize that she is Royal in the eyes of God!

I’m Just Mad

I have to be honest...this newsletter was supposed to go out some time ago, but I couldn’t write it because I was just too mad. I’m just mad about the state of our foster care system and what is happening to children in our country.

We are full of joy! Renew Retreat Restored Us

Renew Retreat was an idea born out of the trials of the last year for foster and adoptive parents. Could we hold a gathering to renew our souls? Could we pull this off in the middle of a pandemic? Would anyone come? Will it minister in the way we hope?

Foster Care Literally Rips My Heart Into Shreds

I never understood what it meant to be a foster parent until I became one. It’s more than just being a safe place for a child; it’s parents who are broken, children suffering, and families shattering before your very eyes. It’s a dark and desperate world.

Show a Vulnerable Girl Some Love

Most girls look forward to the big day when their first monthly "period" arrives, and they can embrace the onset of womanhood.  But for girls in poverty, this day is full of shame, dread and even disease. Young women in developing nations don't have access to sanitary products, and this leads to poor hygiene and a host of other serious challenges.

Supporting Women in Crisis Pregnancy

What can you do to stop abortion? Join Jodi Jackson Tucker and Theresa Marcroft as they discuss the various ways Christians can come along side women considering adoption and support them to a different option.

Reflections on Abortion

Few things hurt more than the betrayal of one we love, and when it is a foster or adoptive child, that hurt is especially cutting.

Gift at My Doorstep

Her doorbell rang. When she opened the door, she saw a box-a box that would provide a much needed blessing for over three years.

The Judas Test

If you are facing the Judas Test, stand your ground with love and let God work for you...

The Judas Test

Few things hurt more than the betrayal of one we love, and when it is a foster or adoptive child, that hurt is especially cutting.