Second Mother

A Bible Study Experience for Foster & Adoptive Moms

Second Mother is a unique, interactive workbook, with coloring and journal prompts, all about your journey as a Second Mother. An uplifting, 7-part Bible study will help you search your own heart and connect with other Second Moms.

Find strength for the journey. Don’t try to walk this path alone. Come along and join us...


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Jodi Jackson Tucker

Jodi and her husband Jerry have nine children, three biologically, five through adoption, and one foster son. Their experience includes both domestic and international adoption, and they are passionate advocates for the adoption of older children. Jodi and her daughter Agnes are the authors of Fasten Your Sweet Belt: 10 Things You Need to Know About Older Child Adoption.

Tracie Loux

Tracie is an author, artist, coach and businesswoman whose purpose is seeing others be set free and become healthy and strong. Faith is at the center of her life, and grace holds the sails of her ship. She is passionate about adoption, orphan care, and missions. She is the mother to seven incredible children: three by birth and four through adoption.


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